3Axis Mills

Haas VF-2, VF-4, MDC500

Use: Basic Machining

4Axis Mills

Haas VF-10

Use: Advanced Machining

5Axis Mills

Mori NMV5000

Use: Complex Machining

5Axis Mills

Haas UMC750

Use: Fast Complex Machining

Haas TL2

Use: Low production Turning

Mori NL2000SY4 W/ Barfeeder, Sub-Spindle, and parts catcher

Use: Advanced Turning and Milling  / High Production

High Speed Routers

Thermwood 5’x10’ 30k RPM Use: High Speed Sheetmetal Cutting

High Speed Routers

Haas GR-510 5’x10’ 15K RPM4 Use: Sheetmetal and extrusion Cutting

CNC Press Brakes

Toyokoki – HYB-80 Use:  Sheetmetal Brake Forming

Forming Presses

60 Ton Platen Presses

Use: Small Complex Sheet Forming


160 Ton Rubber Pad Press

Use: Complex Sheet Forming

3D Printing

Stratasys Fortus 250 3D Printer